— Breeding and Creating Some of the World's Most Colorful Panther Chameleons —

— Nurtured By a Veterinarian With the Highest Standard of Care and Health —


All work is being moved to the new website.

I am raising several clutches of 3-5 month old juveniles and younger. They are different locales with different parents. Red-Blue Ambilobes, Red-Yellow Ambilobes, Nosy Falys, Sambavas, Sambilobe crosses, and more!! Currently many have deposits; however the rest will be shown on the new site as they come closer to age. I am halting sales in the meantime; however feel free to contact me if you are interested in placing a deposit.

Why Buy from Dr. O?

• Bred by a veterinarian with a lifelong passionate interest in reptiles and amphibians. 

• An unheard of SIXTY DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE after you receive your new chameleon!!! (certain restrictions apply)

• I have raised my chameleons outdoors in Central Florida year-round, allowing them their preferred daily exposure to natural sunlight. They are intensely cared for, principally due to my constant supervision as well as their custom-built enclosure which was designed with multiple daily automatic mistings and drippings, roll-up UVB transmitting sides and roof, infrared and propane heaters used when necessary, and all with each chameleon having it’s own sense of privacy (If you are interested, the enclosure’s construction can be seen here: http://bit.ly/XdihHj). Different age groups are fed an extremely varied diet including wild-caught insects, and I am proud to use Repashy products exclusively for all of my supplement and insect-rearing needs (in addition to added fresh veggies for the feeders). Color-enhancing Repashy SuperPig is added to every meal that they have eaten from their very first D. hydei fruit fly. 

• All of my breeders have been carefully and meticulously selected for various traits and genetics. They are all magnificent representatives of their respective locales. 

• My breeding is the result of a lifetime of reptile love and knowledge combined with over 23 years studying and practicing reptile veterinary medicine. Due to a permanent physical disability I am no longer able to practice veterinary medicine full-time, so I closed my once-thriving practice in NY and moved back to east-central FL purposefully to begin my own breeding. After so many years advising other owners and breeders on chameleon care issues along with my veterinary skills and experience, it seemed like the perfect next step in my life’s journey. 

• My preference is to sell older juvenile chameleons that have had a very strong head-start in life and not anytime sooner. Between their outdoor enclosure in Florida, diet, supplements and my observant eye, I wait until they have strengthened to the point when I know that I am selling you the healthiest chameleon that I possibly can, and ready for your home. No clip tails or toes, MBD, oral infections, or parasites; just beautiful, healthy, friendly and lively panthers! 

• Veterinary advice and second-opinions available to you for the life of your chameleon at no extra charge. 

• All “Senior” members (or higher) of the Chameleon Forums will receive 10 percent off of the listed price of any chameleons that I post here or in any classified ad. 

• All chameleons sold will arrive with a non-transferable, no-expiration date coupon for 10 percent off of any future chameleon purchase from Dr. O’s Tie Dyed Chameleons. This coupon can be combined with the Senior member discount. 

• Yes, that does mean that Senior members will then get 20 percent off of off their next purchase, and so on!

(Note-I have no ulterior motive promoting the Chameleon Forum. However, in my opinion the Chameleon Forum is the best resource on the internet for the fledgling to advanced chameleon owner. Joining the Forum and heeding the excellent advice found within is a sure-fire way to make sure that your chameleon is cared for to the best of your abilities!)